Private Label Retailing


Retailing is yet another testimony of our ability to provide “ready- to-eatspices in consumer packs of varying sizes in strict abidance to global food safety standards. The maturity of this business is strengthened by our product knowledge and enduring success of our strategic partners as the largest private label tea packers in the United States. 


A clear divisional structure based on the market segments and clients ensure our emphasis on total quality management of products and services.  The retail division occupies around 20,000 square feet of packing space in the main factory at Coimbatore. The team members are not just product specialists but are involved in every stage of client servicing from sourcing, production planning, packaging, logistics, promotions and commercial management to relationship marketing.



Indian retail market is huge and complex. Organized retailing has been evolving since the mid 1990’s as traditional Kirana stores are slowly giving way to departmental stores, super markets and western style malls. With international retail giants entering the Indian market demand for premium spices is on the rise.


We are one of the most sought after suppliers for the retail store’s private label line of spices. With a strong presence among top-most retailers in South India, we have ambitious plans of entering other markets as well. We also serve a large set of institutional buyers across the country.



Globally retail chains are looking for picky perfectionists who can deliver their products with uncompromising panache. Jayanti with its proven expertise in managing quality through the supply chain from farm to fork and strict adherence to delivery schedules is poised to be the most preferred origin processor for international retails chains.