Our expertise in spice trading spans across many different cultures and continents; today we are no closer to the origins than to the international preferences for spice and seasonings. This assimilation of knowledge binds us with the universal penchant for food safe spices.

Our next step is to foment a movement at the grass-roots level to deliver against a commitment that Jayanti stands for.

Food Safety, Sustainability and Traceability is the main objective of our procurement policy which is achieved through backward integration along the supply chain.


  • Sustainability - A team of agronomists and graduate farm-specialists are working with growers to improve yield and profitability per hectare. Demo farms have been set up near our Spice Plant to encourage farmers to adopt organic farming. There is regular farm-level interaction for improving soil management, irrigation, post-harvesting techniques and farm waste management.


  • Food Safety - Farmers are being encouraged to avoid the use of harmful and banned chemicals. Microbial contamination and pest damage is controlled at production level through regular monitoring. Contamination due to chemical residues from pesticides and any other trace of metal toxins is minimized and controlled through professional intervention at developmental stage.


  • Traceability – We are sourcing from approved and time-tested suppliers who can relate quality of spices to Jayanti’s wellness program. Suppliers receive prompt payment and higher incentives for premium and organic produce delivered at pre-cleaning centres.