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Rainforest Alliance Certification


This is to inform you that chilly farms in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka under our IPM program  have been recognized by the Certification Committee of the Sustainable Farm Certification International, Ltd as  complying to the  certification requirements of the Sustainable Agriculture Network’s current Standards.


We have always advocated sustainable development and have now joined  the growing community that is committed to protecting biodiversity, conserving resources for the good of planet and future generations while ensuring  that farm workers their families and communities are treated well.  Producers whose farms are RFA certified and buyers who source  products from these farms are granted conditional permission to use the RAC seal in marketing and labelling of  their products. 


Chillies sourced from  Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh are now RFA Certified and can  now have the  jumping frog, the icon that  indisputably lauds our efforts to protect ecosystem in our endeavour to bring the best from the nature.




The RAC  seal is a symbol which is easily recognizable by consumers and indicates quality farm management and commitment to effective conservation and sustainable practices.  We can now use this seal for marketing and labelling chillies sourced from the RFA certified farms only. 


Consumers can now request for a  transaction certificate to ensure that the product or ingredient they have purchased was actually produced by a Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farm.



Licensed to use the RAC seal since June 05,2013