The beginnings

Jayanti has its humble beginnings in a Kolkata based tea business started by Jayantilal Shah in the 1940’s. His vision then; has since transformed into Jayanti, a group of companies with diverse product lines and global footprints.  His founding vision has continued to guide Jayanti through its journey into the contemporary times of change and innovation. Jayanti’s multi-dimensional business growth model thrives on the concerted efforts of his successors.

Jayanti – In recent years

Today, Jayanti is a key Indian player in the global arena of sourcing and supply of Spices, Decaffeinated Tea and Natural Caffeine with over 500 dedicated employees. Jayanti has its corporate head office in Bangalore.

Core Strengths

Jayanti’s operations are mainly spread across the South Indian States of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. These regions have a rich heritage of Coffee, Tea and Spice plantations distinctly known for their world-class quality.  It is this proximity to the lush green plantations which helps Jayanti in sourcing, processing and delivering products of “Right Quality – on Time” with remarkable consistency time and again.




While bringing the best of Indian flavours to the world, Jayanti attributes its success to the contribution of nature and natives who have nurtured these plantations for more than a century. Jayanti’s integrated business model is inclusive of sustainable development and is focussed towards promoting good agricultural and manufacturing practices and better humane conditions.