Sustainable Sourcing

Jayanti has taken a number of initiatives to demonstrate the significance of “Farming”, which perhaps is the most inherently sustainable of all human activities for survival and building a greener tomorrow.  

Setting up of DEMO Farms


We have started developing DEMO farms where varieties of spice and herbs are showcased for farmers to emulate and replicate the success of organic farming without the intervention of synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Our first DEMO farm project has been set across a land area of 4 acres just 2 kms away from our Spice factory at Kinathukadvu in Coimbatore.

Farmers are being provided guidance on eco-friendly ways of growing spices by agronomists who are also sharing their expertise on developing new commercial hybrids for contract farming.  There has been an encouraging response to our strategy as assured source of income and remunerative prices are making commercial production of spices a viable option.

Besides, we are also working with farmers on many sustainable agriculture certification programs.

Global Sourcing


Worldwide consumption of spices is on the rise. India grows spices in abundance but 90% of it is consumed internally and on many occasions we are a net importer. We are taking our campaign for increasing organic production through use of advanced technology to non-traditional growing regions including the far-off virgin and fertile lands of Africa. We are moving closer to starting commercial production of spices in some regions of Africa which true to its claim has the potential to feed itself and the rest of the world with little investment and earnest encouragement.