Sustainability & Humanity

Jayanti factories are located away from cities in the serenity of nature where large areas are dedicated to non-commercial tree plantations. 

We have demonstrated solidarity with a number of Groups who are working to create awareness about the crucial importance of biodiversity to society, to communicate the human costs of biodiversity loss, and  enthuse people, particularly youth, throughout the world in the fight to protect all life on Earth.


We have supported the Centre for innovation in science and social action (CISSA) in their efforts to promote preservation of the rich diversity of flora and fauna in India. We have been the official sponsors of the documentary film festival on biodiversity which was organized at the First Indian Biodiversity Congress (IBC 2010) organised jointly by CISSA, Kerala State Biodiversity Board, University of Kerala and Navdanya at Thiruvanthapuram. We are also part of the AOL (Art of Living) Foundation campaign to plant more trees.