Decaf Tea


Decaffeinated Tea and Health


Tea has many proven health benefits and Decaffeinated Tea is just an alternative for those who are allergic to Caffeine. Decaffeinated Tea is considered healthy and is best suited for heart patients, diabetics, pregnant women and others who want to reduce their daily intake of caffeine.


Indian Tea

Tea is by far, the most popular drink in India.  Tea fulfils the elitism in poor man’s daily diet. There is palpable pride in many a novel preparation of the roadside vendor who probably; has conceptualised the new-age flavoured tea-bags.


India is the largest producer as well as consumer of black tea in the world. Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiris are the celebrated varieties having distinct taste and flavour. 

The Indian Pioneer

Decaffeinated tea is produced by a process that reduces the caffeine content in tea. Organic solvent decaffeination (Using Ethyl Acetate or Methylene Chloride) and Supercritical carbon dioxide decaffeination are the commonly used processes for commercial production.


At Jayanti, presently we specialise in Ethyl Acetate and CO2 decaffeinated tea.  Indian Products Limited is the pioneer company manufacturing and exporting decaf tea from India.  The journey from being a mere raw material supplier to a preferred origin-processer has been long and exciting. The manufacturing process once a monopoly of the West is now indigenous to India.


The first consignment of Decaf Tea was shipped out from India in 2007 after nearly 3 years of lab trials. There has been a steady increase in sales thereafter.


We supply decaffeinated tea, both black and green varieties in bulk form. U.S.A is our largest market for exports.


Natural Caffeine


The Tea Caffeine extracted from Tea is purified at our Wallayar plant in Kerala. The purification process leading to commercial production has evolved over a series of lab trials and is another in-house feat of our research team.


Our position though premature is still highly stable as there are hardly any Indian manufacturers in this segment. We are consolidating our growth potential in allied sectors by catering to key pharmaceutical and cosmetic industrial users.