A career at Jayanti is not just a livelihood; it is where one’s passion for work meets no barriers, where employee involvement is reality, as Jayanti creates a legacy of employee loyalty that spans generations.


Jayanti has a self-styled, creative management that has a dogged vision for taking the business ahead in challenging times.  There are some implied and some expressed rules of employment but the dictum on the wall reads “Your right is to work only, but never to the fruit thereof- Bhagvad Gita”.


The underlying thought: “Good actions will reap good results” introduces employees to the goodwill and positive energy that has helped Jayanti tide through the tough times with confidence keeping its values for sustainable and profitable growth intact.


We enjoy the company of optimistic, forward-looking and creative youngsters and specialists who are also willing to work outside their area of specialisation to deliver a product that can improve the lives of people worldwide.


Those who share our passion for work and ethics can keep checking this section for vacancies or write to career@jayanti.com.